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Director's Corner-April 2018

Dear Parents,

It’s time for Elaine Rosi Academy’s Spring Musical!!!

Our preschool students will be performing April 18th and 19th at 4pm, we hope to see you there!!  Please remember that we do reserve two seats for each graduate’s family for our spring musical.  I hope everyone will be understanding that this will be the last musical for our graduates and we want to make their families feel extra special.

This month your child’s lead teacher will be conducting spring parent teacher conferences.   Please check with the classroom for a conference signup sheet; our teachers look forward to discussing your child’s accomplishments with you! 

Several parents have requested their child’s next classroom.  I love and appreciate that families have developed special bonds with our teachers.  I want to give everyone the opportunity to enroll their child in the classroom they desire.  Please understand there are times that no matter how much I want to honor a family request, there are rules and restrictions on the number of children that can be in each room.  Please be assured that I will do everything possible to grant every families request, if there is a time I’m unable please be understanding and know that each classroom provides a loving and nurturing environment.

The month of April is a good time to check if your child has an appropriate amount of extra clothes at school with items for cooler and warmer weather.

Have a great month everyone!

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