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Director's Corner- February 2019

Dear Parents,

During the winter months many of us suffer from colds and other ailments. We always do our best to keep our children and staff as healthy as possible. I would like to remind everyone of Elaine Rosi Academy’s Sick Policy (which is also available in your Parent Handbook.)

-When a child’s temperature reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit parents will be contacted to pick up their child immediately. A child may not return to school till she/he is fever free without medication for 24 hours.

-When a child is sent home due to vomiting the child must stay home for a full 24 hours after last vomiting episode.

-When a child has 3 occurrences of diarrhea within 5 hours, the child must also be picked up immediately and may not return for 36 hours. If the child suffers from another episode after returning to school, the parents will be contacted to pick up their child.

If you have any question about other illnesses, please feel free to contact me or refer to your Parent Handbook.

During our chilly months, the children can have outside times if we temperatures are within the guidelines of the state. Each classroom has the guidelines posted in their classroom for teachers to refer to. When children attend school, they do need to be well enough that they can enjoy and participate in all school activities.

We appreciate everyone helping us keep our children and staff healthy.

Additionally, I wanted to remind you that school will be closed on February 18th for a Teacher Development Day.

Finally, don't miss out on our Adult Trivia Night on March 2! Trivia Night is so much fun for everyone involved, and the greatest part about it is that it raises funds for our school!

And even if you can't attend Trivia Night, I would encourage you to donate to your child's classroom's Trivia Basket by February 14th! The Trivia Baskets raise funds for our school as well. Specific classroom basket information is located in the link so that you know what would be good to bring. The classroom that has the basket with the highest value will receive an additional classroom funding!

Thank you, and have a wonderful month.

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