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Visited us for fire safety week, and we had so much fun!


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Cooking Class

  • Did you know national s'mores day is August 10th? We are celebrating it this month in cooking class by putting a spin on the traditional smores treat. We will make baked cresent rolls filled with marshmallows, chcocolate, and graham crackers. The kids will love this ooey gooey treat for snack.... Read more

  • This month we will be celebrating the 4th of July in cooking class. Each class will make a flag cake. They will start by making a white cake and swirling red and blue into it with food coloring. We will then bake it and top with a homemade white frosting and decorate it with fresh strawberries... Read more

  • This month, we are cooling down by making frozen cheesecake bites. We will use ice cub trays to build our own individual cheesecake and place a popsicle stick in it to create a frozen treat. They will be topped with fresh blueberries. Cooking class will be the week of June 18th-22nd. Have a... Read more

  • This month we are trying a new snack that will satisfy your hungry kids and keep hem cool at the same time. We will be making frozen graham cracker and strawberry sandwiches! We will mix cool whip and chopped strawberries together and them place them between 2 graham crackers and freeze them for... Read more

  • This month in coking class we are making our own lunch!! Each child will make their own pizza. They will get creative by adding their own individual toppings to their pizza and then get to enjoy it at lunch along with a fruit and vegetable. Cooking class will be the week of April 9th-13th. Have... Read more

  • This month we are celebrating St. Patrick's day by making shamrock shakes! Each little chef will blend vanilla ice cream, mint and food coloring. Cooking class is the week of March 12th-16th. Have a safe and happy St. Patricks day!

  • Cooking class is the week of Valentine's Day (Feb. 12th-16th). We are celebrating by making pink Valentine's cookie bars! We will mix the bar dough together and bake, then top with cream cheese frosting and top with Valentine's candy and sprinkles. Our little chefs will love the festive dessert... Read more

  • This month we are cooling things down by making some frozen hot chocolate. It is a fun twist on the normally hot beverage. You blend ice with milk and hot cocoa packets to get the delicicous treat. You can then top it with fun options like peppermint, chocolate or caramel sauce, marshmallows,... Read more

  • This month we are staying warm by making chocolate dipped spoons for the family to enjoy. These spoons will be dipped in chocolate and decorated with your childs favorite topping. We will then let them cool and wrap them up to take home and enjoy. Use the spoons to stir your hot chocolate and... Read more

  • This month we are creating our own harvest trail mix. Each little chef will be given a bag and multiple bowls of various fall ingredients. They can then customize their own trail mix to take home to show you. The fall ingredients include pretzels, marshmallows, pumpkin seeds, candy corn/pumpkins... Read more


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