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Music Class 1

  • Spring has sprung! This month the babies and toddlers will learn some songs for the beautiful sunny days like "Spring Song","Spring is Here", and the "Rainbow Song". On the gloomier days we will sing songs like the traditional "Rain, Rain, Go Away" and new songs like "Is It Raining?". Also, the... Read more

  • Happy October Everyone!

    When the opportunity to be the new infant/toddler music teacher arose I was beyond grateful and excited to have a hand in the growth and development of your young children. Being as this is my favorite month of the year we will be exploring everything October!... Read more

  • We had so much fun with 4th of July music this past month! 

    For August, we will be singing songs about music and singing, with finger plays and creative movement. 

    Songs include A Ram Sam Sam, Sing a Song, When you sing your scales and your Arpeggios, Sir Duke, and Thank you for... Read more

  • Happy July to everybody!

    This month we will be working on our 4th of July songs such as "You're a Grand Flag," "Yankee Doodle," "America the Beautiful," and "Stars and Stripes Forever." 

    We will continue to sing the songs we have learned so far. The children and I will have so much... Read more

  • June is here!

    This month is going to be a fun-filled musical experience for the children!

    We will be starting to sing more songs that involve animals and the sounds they make.

    We will also be doing songs that involve the Fourth of July such as "The Stars and... Read more

  • April has been quite enjoyable for the children! We have done a few finger playing songs and have once again gone over what we have done for the past few months.

    This month we will get a head start on a few Summer fun-filled songs.

    I will continue to bring joyful, playful,... Read more

  • March has been a fun filled month with St. Patrick's Day themed songs. We have done finger play, child-friendly St.Patrick's Day songs, and Irish Folk tunes.

    Coming up in April, we will be focusing more on finger play and movement. I will continue to make these music lessons enjoyable... Read more

  • This month has been a blast! We have been reviewing songs from the past along with learning new songs.

    We have been singing songs with a Valentine's Day theme such as:

    • "H-E-A-R-T" (which is the same tune as "B-I-N-G-O")
    • "5 Little Hearts" (a song about how to make a... Read more
  • Hello everyone!

    I am now going to be the teacher of our new music class: Music Class 1! I am very exciting to be giving music lessons to the infant and toddler rooms! Ms. Margo is now teaching the Twos and older, and she will be staying in the Music Room to do so.

    We have many fun... Read more

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