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Visited us for fire safety week, and we had so much fun!


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  • Spring has sprung!

    During the month of April, the Penguins will be learning about Spring. Some of our fun art projects will include tissue paper umbrellas, rain drops, storms, kites, and flowers. You will find us in Dramatic Play crawling like ladybugs, buzzing like bees, and pretending... Read more

  • During the first part of February the Penguins will be talking about Valentine's Day.  We will be making love bugs, tissue paper hearts, and butterflies just to name a few.  We will be discussing the importance of family, friends, love and sharing.  In the math area we will count, match, and... Read more

  • Happy New Year from the Penguins! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

    For the month of January we will be focusing on Winter.  

    For art we will make mittens, hats, snowflakes, and cups of hot chocolate.  

    In the dramatic play area we will dress up in winter clothes and... Read more

  • During the month of December, the Penguins will be focusing on the holidays.

    We will talk about sharing with, and giving to, our families and friends. 

    In art we are going to make a variety of projects related to Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.  The Penguins will be busy making... Read more

  • 3-2-1 Blast off! The Penguins are taking a trip to Space for the first part of November. 

    For art, we will walk on the moon with our feet, make hand print aliens, paint the earth, and make fun rocket ships. 

    In the dramatic play, we will pretend to dress up as aliens and shine like... Read more

  • Happy October!  

    During the month of October,  the Penguins are going to be doing a theme on Halloween.  

    For art, we will be making projects that feature pumpkins, witches, cats, bats, candy corn, and mummies.  

    In the dramatic play area, we will roll like pumpkins, "Boo... Read more

  • During the first part of September the Penguins are going to be talking about Fall and all of the changes that go along with it.  During art we will make acorns, tissue paper leaves, and paint with apples.  In the dramatic play we will pretend to rake leaves and roll like apples.  In the block... Read more

  • Welcome to August!

    During the first part of August, the Penguins will be doing a theme on "All About Me." We will make hand prints and footprints, self portraits, and learn about each others' families by making family trees.

    The second half of the month we will be "Going on a... Read more

  • During the month of July the Penguins are celebrating the Fourth of July and are "taking a trip to the beach!"

    We will be making a variety of art projects related to our themes.  We will be making American Bomb Pops in the shape of a footprint, sparkly fireworks, and tin foil arches.  We... Read more

  • During the month of June, the Penguins will be talking about Summer.

    For art, we will make tissue paper suns, pitchers of lemonade, fingerprint watermelon slices, and of course, fancy sunglasses.

    In the dramatic play area, we will dress up in summer clothes and hopefully catch some... Read more


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