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Visited us for fire safety week, and we had so much fun!


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  • For the month of February our theme will be focused on Valentine's Day.

    We will be conducting several experiments including: the candy heart dissolving experiment, the "magic milk" experiment, and creating a "love potion."  

    The young scientists will be putting their math skills to... Read more

  • For the month of January the young scientist will be learning about chemical change along with solids, liquids and gases. We will start the month out doing an experiment with freezing water. We will also do things like make jell-o and cookies to show examples of chemical change.  We will spend... Read more

  • For the month of December, our young scientists are ready to get into some chilly fun!

    We will begin with "beary" exciting themes: Hibernation and Bears. Our students will also learn about other polar animals and how they survive in the bitter cold weather! In addition to learning new... Read more

  • For the month of November, our little scientists are going to have lots of fun! In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, we will talk about sinking and floating like the May Flower! We will do a few science experiments and let the children take some educated guesses as to what they think will... Read more


    It's time  for our annual  egg drop contest!  Each class must use all their creative skills as a classroom to come up with a creative way to protect their egg. The egg will be dropped from six feet off the ground. Which means the young scientist will really... Read more

  • For the Month of September, the little scientist will be taking some time to get to know each other with our all About me theme. As we study our fingerprints and talk about our families. Once the scientist become familar with our friends we will begin learning about our five senses. Which will... Read more


    After learning about heat in July and the temperature rising in August. The young scientist are going to switch gears a little bit. We will be learning about things we can do to help stay cool in the summer. We will be doing a lot of science experiments... Read more


    Science Class is heating up for the summer time!

    We will be learning about warm weather and how things heat up.

    The young scientists will do an experiment with sunscreen and several experiments making some of our all-time favorite Summer... Read more

  • We are going to switch gears for the month of June, and experiment with some messy art. The young scientist will be taking a look at how force affects the out come of splatter by making a tennis toss picture and slap painting. The young scientist will also take a look at the way gravity affects... Read more


    Well it's that time of year.... Spring! In science class we will take some time to learn about and discover the beautiful changes in Spring time. For the month of April we will focus on life cycles  and weather. The young scientist will help keep track of... Read more


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