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was such a blast!

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Visited us for fire safety week, and we had so much fun!


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  • As we are in our last few weeks of Winter and with Spring approaching, we have fun things in store! We hope everyone is enjoying the Whale Room and we are definitely enjoying you. March will bring beautiful art with flowers for Spring, Dr. Seuss artwork, and also St. Patrick’s Day artwork! The... Read more

  • I hope you are feeling the love!

    Hello Whale families,

    In the month of February we will show love, kindness, good manners, and all things great! The children will create Valentine’s crafts, sing songs, listen to stories related to being loving! We will also continue to review on... Read more

  • The New Year is near! For January 2019, the Whales would like to say a Happy New Year and welcome new Whales! This month, we will review on topics for our older and newer Whales! We will review Alphabets & their sounds, Counting Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Sorting, tracing, Spelling, and... Read more

  • Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening Whale parents! For the month of December we are sure to bring you holiday cheer with our Holiday Musical approaching! The children are very eager to perform for you and the Musical will take place December 12th & 13th at 4p! In December the... Read more

  • Hello families, as we are approaching November we have a lot to be grateful for! The Whale Class will discuss the importance of being thankful (for non materialistic things). We will discuss why we are thankful for our families, friends,etc. We will let them express what they are thankful for.... Read more

  • Hello Families, with October “creeping” up, we have some “spooktacular” things in store! We have the Fall Festival scheduled for Oct. 25th, Party & Trunk or Treat event! The Whales will enjoy fun Fall/Halloween Artwork, songs, games , and stories. Along with all this fun, we will focus on... Read more

  • Hello, hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the Whale Room so far! For the month of September we will discuss our new season Fall, along with our themes & letters of the week. We will engage in fall Artwork, songs, dance, & play! We will continue to discuss our manners, classroom... Read more

  • Hello everyone & welcome to the Whale classroom! Our classroom is filled with fun, learning, & nurturing! For the month of August, the Whales will begin transitions. We have truly enjoyed our Whales & are confident that they are ready for the Monkey & Eagle classrooms. Our new... Read more

  • Whale Parents, we are now in the month of July! We made it to the end of the school year in the Whales. We have a lot of fun activities planned for the Whales for the month of July (please see classroom calendar). We will continue to do fun songs, games, and review over all material from this... Read more

  • Hello everyone, with Summer approaching the Whales have exciting events to look forward to! The Academy will have visits from, “Oh my gosh Josh”, “Wings for tots Wild Bird Sanctuary”, “Mr. Saxophone “ & more! We will have fun in the sun with the upcoming Splash Days, popsicle fun day, and... Read more


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