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Our Toddler Classroom

One of our teachers reading a book with some toddler students.
Our Toddler Classroom

As a toddler (12 months to 24 months), my teachers greet me with hellos and smiles in my classroom. I begin my day sitting at a table with my friends and teachers eating breakfast. Each meal or snack, I learn how to use a spoon and cup to feed myself. I am getting so big and I can do things on my own.

After breakfast, I can explore the classroom for dress up clothes, play blocks, art, books, music, sensory activities, movement experiences, and all the time learning to play with my friends.

My teachers show me how to walk, they tell me what words to use when I need something, and they teach me how to wash my hands. Many times a day I get to go outside to play in the sandbox, play on the swings, ride in cars, or climb on the climber.

After lunch, my teacher helps me lay down for naptime, she comforts me to sleep, and holds me when I first wake up. In the afternoon, I explore my classroom for more activities and play outside with my friends. Then back to my room for a drink and nutritious snack.

When it is time to go, mommy and daddy pick me up. We say goodbye to all my friends. My teachers tell me they will see me tomorrow morning, but before I leave the school, I stop at the aquarium and say good-bye to my fish friends.


Toddler classroom:

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 6:30am - 6:00pm

We are open most holidays.

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Elaine Rosi Academy for Children

1725 Highway 109
Wildwood, Missouri 63038

Phone: (636) 405-0075
Fax: (636) 405-0074

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