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Why the Apple?

The Apple and Apple Tree Analogy Childhood is arguably the most important stage of life for a person. It’s a temporary, and rather short stage, yet it’s a person’s starting point for their lifelong journey, and hopefully, lifelong growth.

It’s when the roots of an individual’s personality, self-worth, and desire to learn, begin.

We believe that if you encourage children to grow at their own pace that you will reap the rewards of a self-directed, confident child whom will blossom into a successful adult.

Move your mouse over the apple tree below to understand why we use the analogy of an apple tree, as well as why our slogan is:

"Planting the seeds of learning"

image/svg+xml Leaves Like lessons learned, leaves of deciduous trees are grown and shed with the seasons. The leaves are the means to the tree continuing to nurture and feed itself. Apples Only when a healthy, successful tree has been well-established for several years can it begin to produce fruits. The best fruit is produced by successful trees. The seeds have come full circle and can now be passed on. Trunk As result of its roots, the tree trunk is the backbone of the tree that gives the tree its shape and strength. Its lifelong growth is determined by the strength of its roots. Roots When a seed is planted, it begins to grow roots. Roots are the foundation of the tree, and healthy roots are necessary for the tree to thrive. The roots anchor the tree and determine its lifelong success.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 6:30am - 6:00pm

We are open most holidays.

Contact us

Elaine Rosi Academy for Children

1725 Highway 109
Wildwood, Missouri 63038

Phone: (636) 405-0075
Fax: (636) 405-0074

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