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Foxes Curriculum Corner - April 2019

Spring is finally here, and the Foxes are SO excited to be spending more time outdoors! As the weather continues to get warmer, consider swapping out your child's spare clothes in their cubbies for short sleeves or shorts. We have just finished our alphabet review and the Foxes are nailing their letters! We will begin introducing Shapes of the Week to learn about some more complex shapes now that we have worked our way through the entire alphabet. Also this month, the children will be keeping ongoing obersevation logs of caterpillars we are raising in the school during STEAM Class with Ms.

Foxes Curriculum Corner - March 2019

Happy March, families! Thank you to everyone who donated prizes and participated in our annual Trivia Night! This month, the Foxes are reviewing our alphabet, so Show & Share will continue each Friday as we work our way back through the letters. We have some fun themes this month planned around Dr. Seuss's birthday, St. Patrick's Day, our Spring Solstice, and a theme the kiddos chose to learn about when we brainstormed ideas a while back.

Foxes Curriculum Corner - February 2019

Happy February, Fox families! This month, we are wrapping up our Letters of the Week and will begin the alphabet review, in addition to working on our shapes. As far as events go, this month we will have our class Valentine's party on Thursday, February 14th. The Elaine Rosi Academy Trivia Night will be coming up on Saturday, March 2nd, so during the month of February, we will be collecting donations for prize baskets and gathering teams to compete. If you have any questions, you can speak with the office staff regarding creating a team. Our Weekly themes and letters are as follows:

Foxes Curriculum Corner - January 2019

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope everyone has been taking it easy over the holidays and enjoying some family time. With a new year, comes new themes and goals. During group time this month, we will be discussing what the children would like to learn about to get some ideas for new weekly themes. We are continuing to make our way through the alphabet with our Letters of the Week and will be reviewing our basic shapes and colors. After finishing all of our letters of the alphabet, we will begin introducing more complex shapes so the children can begin familiarizing themselves with them.

Foxes Curriculum Corner - December 2018

Happy holidays to you and your family! This month, the Foxes will continue working on Letters of the Week, but we will also go back to learning about our shapes and continue working on number recognition. We have a number of holiday events coming up, so be sure to check our dates below for events, closings, and our weekly themes!


December 3-7: Snow/Letter PpDecember 6: Cookies and Cocoa event

December 10-14: Winter/Letter Qq

December 17-21: Holidays/Letter RrDecember 21: Holiday Happening

December 24-28: Holidays/Letter SsDecember 24 & 25: CLOSED


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