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Raccoon’s February Curriculum Corner

Welcome February! To start off this month we will have a pizza them in the Raccon room! National Pizza Day is February 9th! Our little Raccoon friends will making pizzas out of paper plates and card stock paper while using a lot of different art mediums! We will engage in dramatic play and pretend to cook pizzas in a brick oven. We may even make our very own pizza to taste! Our next theme will be Valentine’s Day! Our Racccoon friends will be making Valentine’s cards for thier friends and family. We will be using tissue paper to create hearts with!

Raccoons Curriculum Corner- January 2019

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday! To kick off this new year, we will have a New Year theme the first week of the month! Our Raccoons friends will be making fun artwork with their hands and feet! We will make our own noisemakers and get loud in the classroom. Next, we will have a snowman theme. Our little Raccoons will engage in some sensory play and create snowmans out of cotton balls, empty toilet paper rolls, and foam paint. We will build a snowman by using the letters of our names! Our next theme will be focusing on snow/snowflakes.

Raccoons Curriculum Corner- December 2018

Welcome Winter! The Raccoons are excited about this upcoming month because we will be engaging in all sorts of fun crafts! This month, we will start off with a winter theme! We will engage in some sensory crafts by using ice cubes to make art and by using white puffy paint to paint with. If it snows we will be bringing some snow into the classroom to play with! Next, we will focus on a reindeer theme! Our Raccoon friends will be making reindeer ornaments! We wlll also make paper plate reindeers and tissue paper reindeers. We will be singing songs about Rudloph and the other reindeers!

Raccoon Curriculum Corner- November 2018

Hello Fall weather! The Raccoons are excited about this upcoming month becuase the weather has finally cooled off! This month, we will start off with a forest theme! We will talk about how forests are home to certain plants and animals. Our Raccoon friends will create forest animal art work, along with listening to the noises of the forest. Next, we will focus on a harvest theme. We will use feather to paint and we will create a corn sensory bin to engage in sensory play. Our Raccoon friends will count pumpkins and sort them by color. Our next theme will be Thanksgiving.


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