Teaching Strategies GOLD

Teaching Strategies GOLD

At Elaine Rosi Academy, one of our teaching/curriculum tools is Teaching Strategies GOLD, which is an online assessment tool that allows teachers to assemble child portfolios and effectively track development. Teaching Strategies GOLD also is integrated into both our curriculum program (Creative Curriculum) and our primary communication program (Tadpoles).

Grounded in 38 research-based objectives for development and learning, GOLD supports effective teaching and assessment, while providing teachers with more time to spend with the children in their classroom. GOLD automatically links teaching and assessment, making it easier to connect the dots across the most important aspects of high-quality early childhood education.

With  GOLD, teachers can:

-Use a variety of online tools to gather and organize meaningful data quickly, including online portfolios where children’s work can be stored;

-Create a developmental profile of each child to answer the questions, “What does this child know? What is he or she able to do?” that can be used to scaffold each child’s learning; and

-Generate comprehensive reports that can be customized easily and shared with family members and other stakeholders.

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